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By | January 20, 2023

okay guys what i’m going to show you today is we’re going to do a commission gorilla set up all right so we’re going to go into commission griller uh as you can see um this is what i use commission gorilla version 3. now this is really cool super excited to show you this it’s gonna have lots and lots of things here okay so it’s gonna be a bit of an in-depth but what i really want to do is just show you how quick i can actually create a commission gorilla page all up and running ready to go all right so with a few little tweaks here and there and perhaps some bonuses are going to help you as well so i’m going to move this screen up here like so so we’re out of the way and we’re going to jump straight into this so the first thing i’ll do is click on my pages now i’ve got lots and lots of pages if you are a member of the review beta okay which is my promo review beat up then all you need to do is go to the website choose alphabetically what one you want to use um and then you can even create yourself one through commission or you can use the link that will be provided with the bonuses etc the bonuses will be added as soon as it goes live the bonuses won’t be there until um it actually goes live now the idea of this is that you will be able to uh promote these pages etc by contacting the vendor a lot of the vendors are already going to give approval anyways that’s all part of the um training okay and it’s also part of the membership okay guys so what we’re going to do now is i’m going to jump straight into it so i’m going to go to my pages could open up my pages and i’m going to use my last one so if i use my projects done for you okay which is my last product now the only reason i’m doing this because i’m going to clone the page okay so i want to clone the page so i’m going to use my projects done for you which is this one here and then i’m going to hit this here which says clone okay what this is going to do is this is going to create a page completely identical to the one that i’ve just been looking at okay now i’m showing you the page but you will see the pages it’s going to come up okay so i’m going to work with this page okay so this is the clone so the first thing we’re going to do is we are going to name it all right so the first thing i’m going to do is i’m going to go to um sorry look okay this one we’re going to use all right so i’ve just got approval for this uh by kevin farhay okay so this is the affiliate link so we’re going to use this so what we need to do is you click on the link information it’s going to open up a page we’re going to copy this right mouse click copy so i’ve got that okay and then eventually we’re going to put our bonus url in there which we’re going to do later okay so we’ve got this and it’s called free affiliate funnels okay now how this works is this works by um kevin feige has um perfected a really great way of having 10 products from warrior plus which are free which you can start to put out yourself and make money with and he does that by using other pages etc and great stuff like that and that’s what all this training is all about you can get older this for about 16 and you can make a lot of money you know a shed load of money just by using kevin’s um products because he’s got some really good products they’re really good uh all to do with affiliate marketing email marketing okay but again that’s the so we’re not going to jump into we’ll jump into this so i’m going to go to settings page settings we’re going to change this to um affiliate what it was now not crazy free affiliate funnels okay so go back now this is the first thing you want to do because if you have any problems with the computer or it hangs up anything like that once this is in you will be able to find it otherwise it’s going to go to a clone link and you’ll just have a nightmare trying to get hold of it because you won’t be able to find it now you’ll see that my sales page here okay this project’s done for you this is because this i was promoting myself as a vendor so as a vendor you have to put your sales page in there with your affiliate links okay um if you were doing your own product which a lot of people won’t tell you that okay and you’ll struggle trying to work out how you can promote your own page okay so i’m just showing you how you do that um the next step we’re going to do is we’ve got bonus page name which is free affiliate funnels the affiliate link which is the warrior plus links so they’re in i’ve done that i’m going to change this now we’re going to hover across here and then i’m going to change the color so my mouse is a little bit tricky at the moment but we will persevere and then i’m going to change the information so we’re going to bring this to 22 and then i’m just going to paste in now i’ll leave the last one just in case it changes the font affiliate now this is all good little tips okay okay so free affiliate funnels i’m going to run it to may the fourth okay that’s what i’m going to run my bonuses to so i haven’t got very long really but it got well two days so i’ll run it to the six and my bonuses will be available to these six okay and i just need to know what the 60s so if i click on here in my calendar then the six is a friday so i’m just going to change the day friday and you can see instantly how you can actually just change everything over really really quickly so you literally good to go okay so may the six free affiliate funnels okay so we’ve done that so the next step we’re going to do okay so we’ve got these pages these pages are really important go to bonus delivery page and you want to change this as well and you can just put free affiliate oops that’ll be fine bonuses and then you want to close that back up now the first thing i would do before you do absolutely anything else is we got all that information in there we’ve added this the next step you need to do is to hover across here and then click on the insert link and then paste in your affiliate link okay and then hit okay now what that means if someone goes here and clicks it’s going to be affiliated to you and you’re going to get a commission if they go to any of these buttons it’s going to be affiliated to you there as well okay so this is how it works okay so if anyone clicks on here this is all affiliate as well now all this is gonna be we’re gonna change okay but the first step we’re gonna do now after we’ve just done this is we’re now gonna hit save and exit now the reason why we do this is that if we have any problems with the computer if it crashes etc i now have a reference of where i can find it okay which is a free affiliate funnels i’m just going to click that and that and that link here which you’ve just heard that will go off and i put down to my wordpress site in my cpanel and then i’ll be able to host it on my wordpress site okay so it will be a bit faster this one here is going to be the bonus when we set it up and this one here is going to be our bonus crate which is our actual review page and this one here is if we copy and export this link this is going to give you a complete clone copy of what i’ve just done here okay which you will be able to find most of these links with inside the promo review beta okay so the next step now is it’s called free affiliates we’ve got to look for f so i’m going to scroll through until we find f and you’ll see the page is right here okay so it’s a lot easier for us to find because if we left it as a clone you can see that we’ve got so many clones with numbers that you’re just going to think oh my word i’ve got no idea where to find it etc okay so that’s the reason being why we do it like that okay because it’s going to be a lot easier for you to reference and to actually catalog okay so the next step you’re going to hit is you’re going to hit the color here which is edit page i’m going to click on edit page and what you need to do is make sure you do your review page before you do your review video reason being is you can actually use this to feed off when you’re talking to your subscribers or your members when you’re creating your review page so it’s gonna be a lot easier for you to do that because everything’s gonna be here for you to do that okay so right so the next step is you can see all these pages completely wrong now you need to host these pages you can do it through wordpress builder role um click funnels etc as long as you’ve got the hosting url i actually do it different i use dropbox it’s just easier and it’s just something i’ve always done okay so i’m going to just always stick to that but how i’m going to do this first of all is i’m going to go into my computer and you’ll see i’ve got dropbox and then i’m just going to click here new folder and i’m going to put free oh back there okay so i’m just going to click on now i’m just going to right mouse click it’s going too quick for the computer so i’m gonna put free affiliate funnels like that and i’m going to store my r with inside this free affiliate funnel so you can see i’ve done lots and lots of videos right so but this is one we’re going to use so now what i’m going to do is i’m going to capture the pictures and i’m going to show you how we’re going to do this very simple very easy to do very cleverly you can do this without any worry whatsoever if we click here you see this gentleman here is um kevin farhay all right he’s a great guy he does really great things he makes a lot of money online affiliate marketing okay and what i’m gonna do now is i’m just gonna move this down here and i’m going to copy this because i want to use this with inside my thing now how i use it is using snipping tool so we click on new grab across like that okay now i’m going to hit save as and now i’m just going to put three a double f1 okay now the only reason why i did that i just want to make sure that i get an idea of what i’m doing okay so next thing we’ll do i’m going to grab this this is a nice picture so i’m going to do exactly the same thing click on here new it’s really really oh too i’m going to get the shade so i’m going to go back right there i’m going to grab that there and i’m gonna put three and thief boo and you want about five or six pictures okay that’s really what you need okay so let’s just get bumped 100 questions don’t worry too much about that this might be okay nice picture of the actual screens um so we’re going to do this one as well click on here grab it there save as and this can be free left free and all right next one so that’s it that’s all i need on that okay so this is the sales page all this says actually this one isn’t the sales page okay what this one is this is actually um the page which you would go to get your affiliate link if you want to promote this okay so we’ve done that right so next step i’m going to do um i’m going to grab this one here so i’m going to go across here like that like so save that input free a double f4 four pages now or four pictures and then i’m just going to have a look and see if we’ve got a funnel now these are email swipes so building so i’m not too bothered about that at the moment um over here going to jv docks go here what i’m doing now is just looking for the funnel but it doesn’t appear to have a funnel okay so that’s not a problem uh i can work on that anyway okay so oh here we go is the funnel so you’ve got affiliate funnels reseller rights free shotgun marketing power pack and checklist trial on membership okay so that is the funnel page okay um so that that’s and you can click on these to open these pages up so let’s just go there and see if it brings up so it’s done basically so every single one of these is natural video or it’s an actual sales page so i’m not going to worry too much about that that would be fine i thought i could work with what i’ve got okay so that’s it so i’ve got that just to check to make sure there’s anything else worth grabbing i think we’re all good to go okay so we got that so what we’ll do now let’s go back to commission grilla actually no we need to go to dropbox got to click on downloads i’m just going to pull this up quick access cancel and then i’m gonna grab my videos wherever they are there we go right so we’re going to grab these so we’re just going to go across like that and right mouse click now my computer is quite slow because i’ve got a lot of things it’s doing at the moment okay so we’re going to go back into here we’re going to click on dropbox and then we’re going to look for f which is f 3.

we’ll find it very very shortly there it is open this up right mouse click paste that in now what it’s going to do is it’s going to create a hosting all these are going to convert in a minute and they’re going to have a hosting thing so we’re just going to click on here i’m just going to open these up to extra icons and each tick means that they are ready now as a host okay so the next step we’re going to do is i’m going to grab this one and i’m going to no you don’t copy what you do is you copy dropbox link because that’s your url and then you go back in here and then you what you need to do is click on here grab this scroll across control v done okay so that’s that might move across we grab this one here i’m not the page highlight it says ready go back in here and grab this one copy dropbox link like so ctrl v okay done next one click on here highlight go into the dropbox link right mouse click copy dropbox link go back to chrome control v okay that’s done this one click on there highlight so you do the same thing right see what i’m doing and this is just super quick this is why everyone uses commission griller because it’s fast you can literally build out a actual thing really really quickly right so we don’t need that so get rid of that okay so it’s good to go right so just gotta change the timer and i set that to the six so i just gotta put this to the sixth of may which is this one here it’s good to go click okay so that’s it all done that’s it so we are done and dusted okay so we’ve now got this page free affiliate funnels you see that when we click on this it’s highlighting all right and all these links are highlighted everything is in here it’s good to go now what you need to do now is if you look see that’s a free affiliate so it’s all about affiliate marketing right which to be fair everything is that we sell on here anyway so this one can stay this is affiliate marketing secrets this will work really well 30-day email list that will work really well um special blog that will work okay invest in ministry of freedom that could work well as well what i’m going to do actually is i’m going to take this ministry of freedom one out and i’m going to put my project limitless in which is a new one which basically shows people how they can escape and never have to work again right now i say this uh not loosely i say it’s very strongly this actual product okay has the ability of doing that right you can start to make twenty thirty dollars consistently without doing anything every single day okay and then you scale up to fifty to a hundred dollars then you scale it up to two 200 and 250 dollars now if you don’t know what i’m talking about you can obviously buy the product and you will be able to see what i’m on about if not there’s no reason why um you know if you ask me i will send you the link okay so it is a amazing amazing opportunity basically okay so we’re just going to find this link now so we’re just going through and what this these are the bonuses okay so i’m in here i’m looking for my bonuses so it says extra bonuses done for you specials all categories joe knows bonuses so if i go here there’s chances are i’ll probably find it in here okay so the one i’m looking for is profit which is one which i’ve created which is called which i can’t find yeah i’m still looking for it try serious marketers earlier i think that’s the one i don’t know it’s a different one but that’s okay we’ll use this one anyway this one’s um by john thornhill this is really good as well this is an excellent way of getting into um into making cream professional blogs okay so we’ll go for this okay we’re gonna change the page to 897 okay and that is believe it or not how much it is actually worth so we’ve got that in there like so that’s all done and then what we do now is we’re going to hit the save and exit and that is it ladies and gentlemen you’ve just seen how we can create our review page how we can clone a review page by using the export link what we need to do now is very important is copy this here which is a bonus and basically what happens is when anyone purchases from you your unique bonuses are here okay and what you do is you go back into here click in link sends paste in the buyer’s bonus url like so and then hit save what that basically does now is when anyone buys from you buying this link these bonuses are going to be um with inside your warrior plus link okay and that’s it you are done and dusted off to the races as they say okay and then what we’re gonna do if we go back in here we copy this across like so go back here and now open up this review page it’s going to do its magic okay so what we’ve got here it’s just a bit slower as i said before so this i actually have them where it drives you to a facebook page okay so if they don’t buy they can always go to the facebook page but this one here there’s a little link free affiliate funnels and in each one of these we’ll take it so i’m going to demonstrate if we click on this link it’s then going to take you straight to the kevin feldhay’s sales page which is right here and you’ll be able to purchase this for 20.19 because it’s already gone up but you may find that you might get a drop down um copen so you might actually get this a bit cheaper right so if we scroll to the bottom not that i’ve urged you to buy it anyway but it is a great product okay so that’s kevin fell hey all right as i said you before he’s done many many products does extremely well and these are the bonuses that you’re gonna get with it okay so what you would do then is when you do your review video you would use sales page as well so what you do then is you would then use your bonus um commission griller link and then open this one up separately and so it opens up in a different tab so you’ve got this as well and then you want to start to do your video so what you do then is you talk about this one here which is commission griller all right so if he was doing kevin farhad let’s paste this in so the first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to start saying about the product what the product’s going to do how it’s going to work etc then you’re going to scroll through and then you can run through this there’s no reason why you can’t do that etcetera you’ll see that it’s only four days left talk to them about amazing bonuses that you’ve put in this page how they’re unique that no one else has got okay and there is an add-on believe it or not with my promo review beta which is called projects done for you which you can get a highly discounted which shows you how to create custom bonuses that no one else has right very very valuable because what that’s going to do is when you’re starting to use your reviews you’re going to have valuable bonuses that no one else has and it’s also there’s call to actions in there where you can start making money with clickbank or warrior plus okay so you know it’s very very powerful and then what you want to do then to talk about the bonuses vendors rights bonus okay which is avengers going to give you extra which are right here and then obviously the delivery of the price which is at 20 and 19 cents at the moment so this is on dime sale so this will be up and this could go to 47 by the end of the actual um sale okay so you know there’s no guarantee that it’s going to stay at a very low price and you’ll see here price increases every sale right so 429 and you can see that that’s ticking by and that’s not scarcity that is exactly what it can do so you see these are my bonuses in here people all right so that’s it um hopefully you’ve learned something from that and you now know exactly how to set up the commission grill i mean the only thing i haven’t shown you which i will show you very very quickly okay is that if we’re going to go daddy we’re going to click on domain manager and what i’m going to do is i’m just going to add in my pmp okay now what that is basically is it’s a slug for wordpress slug and it just allows you to host it on your wordpress um which will speed up the opening of the page you saw the page was quite slow right well we’re going to speed that process up a little bit and how we do that is by putting it and hosting it with inside our cpanel or our hosting um thing which we host our actual site on so if you’ve got a website you can use this and you can use it through the html which i’m just going to show you okay so we’re just going to open this up we scroll all the way to the bottom and i want to i need to go here my products just click this page up then i’m going to use my passive income because i always use that so i’m just going to scroll through here web hosting so click on here click on here a company manage and then i can paste in now my slug which is here okay so if we go back into our commission this is this here where i click download i’ve downloaded this okay so this is download your bonus page file upload your web server in your chosen directory so you can either leave the file name as it is or enter a new one in the box below which is this one here right so if we go back in here a cpanel you see this is working so we just gotta wait for this to open um and you’ll see here phpmyadmin you want this one here file manager that’s going to open this up it’s very very simple but if you don’t know about it you won’t know how to do it so you know this is a very valuable video that you’re getting here so it says fetching directory so we need to do now is public html and you see all these are a list of my slugs of all my affiliate um reviews okay so there’s hundreds and hundreds of them in there right so what we’re gonna do now is we’re going to click on upload and click select file and all we can do is click quick access and i’m just looking for that page that i’ve just should be here okay so we go downloads and it’s here free of failure affiliate php so we’re gonna click on that and we’re gonna open you’ll see that’s gone across just to see if there’s any more click on there just so you get an idea of what i’m doing it’s not that one it’s not that one i think i’ve got more let’s just check this one crypto crackers and one more these are the reviews i’ve just done so i’m just making sure they’re in as well project limitless and all you’re doing is this will speed it up because it’s using the server from your hosting site as opposed to projects done for you it will just be a lot faster i think that’s it and if you come across one that you’ve already done what it does i’m just going to show you we find one say wp link ninja it comes up with this error here okay now nothing to worry about you just hit no and then you just move on right so these are updated nothing to worry about just close your server you won’t need that anymore close that down and now when we go into here okay we click on this link now and we copy this bonus all right so this is our page you should see that the page will open a lot quicker bang super super quick and that’s because you’re using your hosting site to operate this it’s just a much more quicker thing especially if you’re doing this on paid ads because if it’s less than one second you’ll find that people will move on from it very very quickly that’s it guys um hopefully this is going to help you uh now you can move on to the next video

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