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Halloween Sale finally went LIVE + 6 reasons to LOVE this

Halloween is almost here — are you as excited about it as I am?

And what better way to celebrate Halloween…

That’s right — with a HALLOWEEN SALE!

I actually thought a LOT about the single best thing we could offer for our Halloween Sale.

Then it dawned on me: The answer is pretty clear. There’s this one particular thing that’s being requested ALL the time by our users…

Yes, we’re giving you the MOST-requested thing ever:

A massive $417 DISCOUNT on full lifetime access to Spin Rewriter!

And here’s 6 reasons why you’ll LOVE this:

🎃 Reason #1: We’ve taken the Spin Rewriter Lifetime License and slashed it an absolutely massive 65% OFF.

We’ve quite literally pulled out ALL the stops and made the Lifetime License available at the lowest price EVER.

🎃 Reason #2: We’ve only offered a discount on the Lifetime License once before. The response back then was INCREDIBLE, even though the price was much higher than it is today…

🎃 Reason #3: With the Lifetime License, you’ll never have to pay any recurring fees ever again. You’ll get unlimited full access to Spin Rewriter with a single payment, forever.

Plus, of course you’re also getting all future updates, including Spin Rewriter 13, 14, 15 and beyond, as soon as we release them.

🎃 Reason #4: This “Halloween Sale” offer expires on Halloween this Sunday, October 31st… at which point the price of full lifetime access goes back up to $497 for everyone, including you.

🎃 Reason #5: You’re ONLY seeing this deal because you’re one of our awesome customers and this is our way of saying “Thank you!”

All our new customers still see the regular $497 price when they sign up… but they’re not YOU.

🎃 Reason #6 = BONUS: What the heck, we’re even throwing in a massive Halloween bonus on top of all this goodness…

Check it all out at this link:

We’ve really pulled out ALL the stops on this one…
Our MASSIVE Halloween Sale 2021, available now:

Again, the Lifetime License is worth $497 and it’s being sold for exactly this amount to our new customers — and it still delivers mind blowingly great value for them at this price point. 🤩

The bonus is worth $197, although right now it’s being sold for $97 to our new customers…

🤩 Together, that’s a real-world value of $594 when you look at the actual current selling prices of these 2 products.

And ALL of this is available $417 OFF to you as part of our Halloween Sale — until Sunday!

This Halloween Sale deal is the single best offer we’ve EVER put together, hands down:

So go check it out now —
here’s to your success,