There are some things that just come naturally for some. Some people are almost born knowing how to stay on a skateboard.
Me personally, I flop almost every time that the board moves. That’s something that just wasn’t born in there.
One thing that is in my system was born, such as riding.
It seemed I knew how to ride a horse from birth but didn’t start riding alone till I was three.
This was mainly in part to my beloved horse Harla. She knew that I was a beginner.

So, would you like me to give you some tips on how to ride a horse?

When learning how to ride a horse one of the best things I can tell you is to always keep your cool.
If you lose control of yourself, I have no doubt that you lose control of the horse.
You know that people say that a dog can sense if you’re scared? Well so can a horse.
Some rely on fear as a simple way to work.
Even if you think that the horse is some big animal and you have no idea how you’ll ever stay on you can not think that around the horse.
You need to calm and relaxed.
If you get a little scared take a few deep breaths so that you can slow your heartbeat and relax yourself.
Chances are, if you think you have control, so does the horse.

Now that you have calmed your nerves and told yourself that you are boss, let’s talk about how to ride a horse.
There are two styles of riding,English and Western.
If you haven’t ridden much I suggest a western saddle mainly because of the fact that is holds you in place better and has a horn for you to hang onto if you feel the need.
An English saddle is lighter, thinner and no horn to hold on to.
Some people swear by them for a beginner to build up balance and all but I just feel safer in a western saddle.

You can work on balance once you learn how to ride a horse a little better.
available with the saddle, can you go and ride.
When you first learn how to ride a horse you can’t just hop on, dig in your heels and think that the horse will just mosey off.
For a horse to move forward you have to apply some pressure with the thighs.
Might need to move your butt forward towards the horn a little to let the horse know you’re serious. As a beginner you should already be on a well broking in horse.
A green horse and a green rider are never a good combination when you to first learn to ride a horse.
Green by the way means that you’re just learning. Do not go looking for a horse that will blend with grass.

Once you’re up in the saddle and walking, you can guide your horse in one of two ways.
If you know how to put on your horse’s neck reins, just rein in the left side of the neck to the right and go through the right side of the neck left.
If you were told that your horse plows reins, take one rein in each hand and pull on the side that you want to go.
If you go right, pull the reins on the right side and vice versa with the left.

These are a few simple things for those who are just wanting to learn how to ride a horse.
For those who have experience with riding, you could have your own ideas, but these are the basic things to know.